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The Tahquamenon Education Foundation is a fully incorporated tax-exempt, non-profit organization under Sec.501(c)(3) established in 1987 to enhance the school curriculum and educational programs by attracting private funds to supplement regular school funding sources. The Foundation can provide support for the development of enrichment programs and services for a broader and more refined education for our young people.


Gifts will provide funds for the educational enrichment opportunities for our young people above and beyond the normal school district operating budget.  Contributions will be placed in a special account administered by the Foundation’s board of trustees.  The board has established long and short term goals that will allow financial support for the enrichment of current programs and long term growth of Foundation assets. 




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Chad Peltier, President
Michael Slaght, Vice-President

Sarah Freeman, Secretary/Treasurer

Donald Stephenson
Brian Rahilly
Colleen Duflo
Christine Houston


Lawrence Vincent, TEF Director


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